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February 28, 2014

Asteroids is a modernized remake of the classic arcade game Asteroids (1979 Atari) with a twist; 4 player co-op. This was a school project about making a game in MonoGame.
To play with multiple people, connect more controllers.

Download game: Windows, Linux, Mac
Download source: Source
Download assets: Assets

Project took 2 weeks to develop.

Erik’s notes

(In-game picture)
We knew that if we did a straight up rip-off of the original Asteroids, we were going to be done very quick. So we planned a lot of things to modernize it, like 2 player co-op, scan lines and particles. But when that was implemented, we still had a little more time left, so we made it 4 player and started to implement grappling hooks, we would change the game so you had to crush asteroids with asteroids by flinging them into each other, and with four players, that would be total chaos.
Unfortunately I had no idea how to code rope, and I ran out of spare time because of a messy svn merge (really messy).
The code behind the menu is way to complex, which made it very hard to eliminate all the bugs. The thing is I did not know how to write a proper menu, so I made it with a lot of switch cases and for-loops (input checking for all four players).
I really wanted to make a Linux build of the game, and since MonoGames slogan is write once play everywhere, this should be easy. Unfortunately this was not the case. The Linux build of the game has some problems, controllers have inverted throttle, and window size is to small to see the entire game (but I have allowed resizing of the window to counter act this).


All in all, this was a great project, some weird bugs, plenty of time, and great teamwork.

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