Arkanoid vs Alien Invaders

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December 21, 2012
AVAI is a combination of two classic games, Alien Invaders and Arkanoid. Goal is to protect the colony from a plasma ball fired by the alien mothership, while defending of fire from the invading ships.
Game was developed in Scratch for a school project

Play in browser: (Flash)
Download project files: Project
Download assets: Graphic And Soundtrack.7z

Project took 2 months to develop.

Erik’s notes

The game got some critique from our teacher for making our game too easy. This was primarily due to the difficulties we had with scratch. We were very frustrated with scratch when we found out it had no way of replicating enemies, so instead of building a template and then telling scratch to create enemies from that, we had to create all the enemies individually and adjust their scripts accordingly. This was also a problem when a bug would show up on one of the enemies, as we then had to change all of them one by one.

We spend a lot of time trying to make the ball bounce of Arkanoid properly, as Arkanoid has a certain curvature. We started out doing it using an equation build from a parabola. However, this ran far too slowly in the editor. What we did not know back then was that when you compile scratch for the web, performance increases significantly. Which resulted in two things: 1. the game got just a little bit harder as the speed of the ball is about 20 % faster. 2. Movement looks very jagged because smoothing was calibrated for slower game speeds. It would be a pain to fix back then, but it looks like they have changed a lot around since then.

We ended up focusing more on making a beautiful aesthetic and prototyping an interesting idea than creating a fun and functional game.

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