Magic Combat: 2nd Impact

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January 17, 2014

Magic Combat: 2nd Impact is a real time card game. This was the semester examination project. You draw cards and play them in a lane, they will then travel from one side to the other fighting the opponents cards on the way. Controls are kinda complicated and there is no mouse support.

Download game: Windows
Download source: Source
Download assets: Assets

Project took 5 weeks to develop.

Erik’s notes

So I did not package the source code nor the assets for this project because most of the assets were lifted from OpenGameArt and Game-icons. I did make a list containing the names of the authors (to adhere to the Creative commons license), but others in my group did not, but lifted assets should be from those two sites.
So the biggest problem I had in this project was the group. Only two people were doing something at a time. And the tasks scheduled for certain people, did not get completed in time (or not at all). Even when we planned to meet some did not show up. Even when we called their phones, some did not answer. It became incredibly frustrating.
I believe the issue was that they “Worked better from home.”, but that was too unreliable as some had problems with motivating themselves, and others forgot to make contact and tell what they were doing, or what should be doing.
That said, there were good times in the group too, we had a very great brainstorming and planning session at the start of the project.
We were to ambitious in some areas, Jonas wanted to make the game using OpenGL (using GLFW to replace WinForms), which made it hard for the rest of us to understand (since we had no prior experience with it), and it was also very time consuming.
I really wanted to make it an online multiplayer experience. But making online multiplayer comes with a lot of theory too. In the end it ended up not working, I had a test project, which worked, but did not work when it was implemented, unfortunately I tested it way to late, and rewrote the net code the day before the assignment was due. The server browser was way to complex, but at least it works (it can be found here).
The thing I am most proud of is the menu, Jonas implemented Awesomium which made it very quick and easy for me to make something pretty.

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