Old Mopeds

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June 3, 2014

This is a prototype of a casual mobile game where you build and customize your moped and test them in a drag race. You then can play against other players mopeds to see who can build the best moped.
This game was made as final project for 2. semester, and also a final game for the study group: EREK.

Download game: WindowsLinuxMac
Download source: Source
Download documentation: Doxygen
Download assets: Assets

Project took 30 days to develop.

Erik’s notes

This project started out with some talks arranged by the school. Different (outside) people pitched their game ideas and we fell 0n one about mopeds. We did not know much about mopeds, but the client was part of a network we would love to be a part of. So that was the motivation.

This is not the first time I have worked with a client, but it was the first time it was game related. I have made website for people before, and this was not so different, well it was more structured than the other clients I have had.

I was with my dream team and we were ready. It felt like we were working really slow, but when I looked at what we had accomplished in such and such time it seemed great.
The thing I think was responsible for our smooth development was our pretty debugging, it was very easy to see what the flaw was; wrong coordinates? stacked game objects? Input not registering correctly? All this was so simple too find out by having this line.

A few days before we were to submit our assignment we thought it would be cool if we could get a little feedback from our client. What I did not anticipate was that the client only had apple stuff. So for the fun of it I started up a VM with OS X running on it and then immediately closed it because I remembered how terrible it was to develop on VMs. Luckily the school had a Macintosh that I could borrow. So I quickly went home hooked it up and started learning how to use a Mac. I have not really used a Mac since I was little, but I have some experience with Linux which benefited me a lot. I had some idea of what I was doing, and what I had to do, but in the end I had too short time, and knew too little about Macs.

Creating a mobile game was also something, well It was not so different from what I was used to. I made a pretty good input class for registering touch input. It had all the features we needed swipes and clicks, but it lacked a few things to be fully featured such as multi touch double tab and long tabs, but the rest is there.
To make the game good mobile game, we did a lot of things with the menus. It was nice to have a client who knew something about mobile development and could tell if we did it right or not.

But this project also ended with a bummer, our study group EREK (Erik, Rasmus, Erik and Kristoffer) got dispersed because two have left the school. We had a very good chemistry in the group, they were fun to work with and I felt we were the A-team overall. Other projects we Made were Pro Brothel Manager and me and Rasmus did the Asteroids project together. In the EREK group we also made some other projects which have not been uploaded here. I wish them all the best in the world.

I forgot to write this: Concept by Esben Kjær Ravn (@esbenravn – kongorange.com)

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