Space Caravan

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September 28, 2015

A large space craft crash landed on a small hostile desert planet. The crew of the space craft were scattered along with parts of the ship.
You are controlling the small and agile command ship fitted with a ram for protecting the mothership from the dangers of the planet.

Download game: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Project took 2 days to develop.

Erik’s notes:

Space caravan was made at the Full Indie game jam. While I was in Vancouver, I attended the monthly event Full Indie Meetup where I got to meet a lot of indie developers. When I arrived at the game jam I was surprised to not see any of my Canadian friends from my first visit, as it was just in their area. The team I was in consisted of a mobile video games developer, a senior artist from Electronic arts, a local computer science student and me. I cannot remember what the theme was, but everyone was immediately thinking Oregon Trail.

I was responsible for the planetary view in the game. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out or not, so I told the others to keep the gameplay to a 2D surface (i.e. a plane) so that the feature could get cut anytime. I did not want to do complicated math, which was why my initial plan was to use a render texture and use that render texture on a sphere. This would mean that I loose height, but from the distance were one could see the planet view; the height of objects would be miniscule. Surprisingly it worked on the first attempt. Unfortunately I had to do the math anyway. To be able to interact with the game while in planet view, some semi complicated math was needed.


Had a small bug with the camera setup

(Click for obnoxious gif) I had a small bug where the cameras switched around constantly

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