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May 16, 2013
Spirited! is a 2D side-scrolling platformer inspired by Super Mario Brothers (1985), written in Python. Spirited has only two levels, and takes about 5 minutes to complete.
Controls are the arrow keys, WASD or the D-Pad on your controller.

Download game:  Windows-build.7z
Download source: Source.7z
Download assets: Assets.7z

Project took 5 months to develop.

Erik’s notes

This Project was our finals project for programming class in high school. We set out to make a straight up copy of the first level in Super Mario Bros, but ended up making our own game instead. The project took 5 months because we had no prior knowledge of python, so we had to do smaller projects (like making a 2.degree polynomial calculator with PyQt) while we worked on Spirited!

We knew we would like to make a game with Python but did not know much as to how. We were also very insistent on using Python version 3.3 to develop it, which might have been a mistake, as Pygame was not officially ported to Python 3.3 yet, so we had to download an alpha version, which was not easy to find. We also looked at other alternatives to Pygame, but they seemed to either require more work or require Python 2.7.

The game was originally called “Gentle Buffalo & Element Wolf 2D” and was to feature Buffalo as the main character. The game would function somewhat like Banjo and Kazooie. Later we thought of making it multiplayer instead, having a player playing the buffalo and a player playing the wolf. Both these features were scrapped for time. Before we could start the project, we had to turn in a plan for the program. We used the MoSCoW method for the planning and ended up with all the features in Must and Should and half the features of Could. Other stuff that we had planned but did not do was to create a menu with the ability to save and a world map so you could see where you could go.

The names for the game (also wonder fish) came from a random password generator built on the XKCD principles, where “Element Buffalo Wolf Gently” showed up. We changed the order and thought good of that name. For a while at least. Spirited! became the name when we decided to change the background story of the characters, which was only reflected in the report we had to write for the finals project.

We ended up getting a worse grade than we expected for this project, because much of the work we did, was done from home, which the teacher could not see. He graded the project without looking over the code nor playing the game. (I doubt that he has played it yet)

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