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December 6, 2013
In a concentration camp somewhere in Germany, a Jew named Bezaleel tries to make his escape in the shadows of the night. But guards are patrolling the camp preventing an easy escape. Starlight is a stealth survival game where you navigate a maze like concentration camp using sound or the light of the guards, because the game is set in pitch black.Download game: Executable.
Download source and assets: SourceAssets.Project took 3 weeks to develop.

Erik’s notes

The assignment was to make either a platformer, shoot-em-up or survival game, in windows forms. It had to have graphics and be written in c# with object oriented programming in mind. Our group had a lot of great ideas, however we lacked people to execute on them. I ended up programming pretty much the entire thing, which has its ups and downs. On the upside I got to program a lot of features I have not worked with before, like pathfinding or lighting (masked and without collisions, but it worked).

Unfortunately we did not have the time to finish the game or finish enough of it to be ‘playable’. We have made multiple levels but there is no way to change the level. The AI is very barebones (to make the enemy follow you press space) and pathfinding is glitchy.

There was made a lot of assets that was not implemented, like the splash screen, the menu more levels, sounds and so on.
Starlight splash screen

Oh and on an extra note/goodie: I figured out a great way to switch between the frames of a sprite sheet when animating a top down character that can move in 8-directions.
starlight-animaion-exampleEach direction that takes one key to get to (like up down left and right) has a prime number to identify with, each diagonal direction is then a multiplication between the to keys being pressed, example:
You want to go down left, so you press down and left. A variable currently set to 1 gets multiplied with 3 for down and 5 for left, making it 15, which is the identity of the 5th row in the sprite sheet “down left”.
I thought it was quite genius as I did not have to check if  multiple buttons were  pressed at the same time. The system is also quite extensive. If you wanted to add a jump to the character, and it had to work with all directions, you would just have to give jumping a new prime number (in this case 11) and there would still not be any conflicts.

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