The Hound

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September 6, 2013
“Earlier me and St. John had desecrated a grave, and robbed it of an ancient jade amulet symbolizing some sort of winged hound”.

The Hound is a text-adventure set in Lovecraft’s short story The Hound. The objective is to survive before the timer runs out.
The Hound was developed with Twine, for a school project in interactive storytelling.

Play in browser: (HTML)
Download project files: The Hound Project file.tws
Download assets: Not available yet

Project took 3 days to develop

Erik’s notes

The assignment was to take a linear story, from any media, and rewrite it for a “Choose your own adventure game”, and the linear story may not have been used in a videogame before.
This was the first project we have done at the computer science game academy: EA-Dania. We were both huge horror fans, and immediately decided to do something Lovecraft inspired.
Lovecraft’s stories have been used before in videogames, specifically: The Shadow Over Insmouth. But The Hound has not been seen before (to our knowledge) despite being the one Lovecraft story with the most action. We were not satisfied with just a branching story; instead, we wanted to have a little more gameplay than that. We thought it to be important to have a lot of text in a Lovecraft story, but due to the short time, we created the game so it had rooms you could go back and forth between and added a timer to have some gameplay. This way it ended up more like an adventure game, than a “Choose your own adventure” novel.
The raven was not their at first, but we felt it was very important for the story, and a nice homage to Lovecraft’s The Hound. Therefore, we added the raven to doom the player if he/she had not killed it first. However, the testers felt dicked over by this. Just like the early days of Sierra. No one of the testers could win on their first go. The project was more about the production, than the product. Which mean we were primarily graded on our planning, analysis and presentation and secondly the game itself. It scored high in every category.

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